Tong Yod (Egg yolk fudge balls cooked in syrup)

An Egg yolk fudge balls cooked in syrup. I'm not recommend this for someone who have diabetes. This is very sweet taste and it's going to melt in your mouth. This recipe is classic like Med Kanoon because it came to thailand together. You can see it everywhere in Thailand too.


1. 18 Duck's Eggs (Egg Yolk Only)
2. 1 cup Rice Flour
3. 5 cup Brown Sugar
4. 5 cup Jasmine Water


1. Mix jasmine water and brown sugar in the brazen pan, then boil it up with high heat until it boiled, stir it for 15-30 minutes, and divide out some of syrup (for soak the cooked fudge balls).

2. Filter out tissue from egg yolk by strain it with thin linen cloth, Whip strained egg yolk with whisk until it risen, then mix rice flour gradually while whipping the egg yolk until it mixed.

3. Pellet the mixed egg yolk with rice flour(2) for round shape (1 inch diameter) and drop into the prepared syrup(1) when get the pellet fudge balls in the pan moderately wait until it cooked (the cooked fudge balls will float on the surface of syrup), then soak the cooked fudge balls in the divided syrup(1) until you want to serve.

4. Serve it on banana leaves or small bowl as you wish.

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