Med Kanoon (Thai green peanut paste)

A Thai green peanut paste. This recipe came from france to thailand long time ago. The taste is very sweet and usually make you feel very greedy. This menu is very old and classic for thai dessert. Nowadays it can be found in thai market very easy.


1. 450 g Mung Beans (Take skin off)
2. 200 g Brown Sugar (For mixing with Mung Bean)
3. 3 cups Brown Sugar (For making Syrup)
4. 400 g Coconut Milk
5. 3 cups Fresh Water
6. 5 Duck's Eggs (Egg Yolk Only)


1. Clean mung bean and soak it in water for 2 hours, then steam it until it cooked. (for 15 minutes)

2. Put prepared mung bean(1), brown sugar, coconut milk in mixer, then mix it until all of ingredient mixed together.

3. Put prepare ingredient(2) in barzen pan (you can use teflon pan instead), then boil it up with low heat stir it until it becomes sticky (for 20-30 minutes), after that switch off the stove and wait until it cools down. (The mung bean need to be dried otherwise, it can't be kneaded)

4. Knead the prepared ingredient(3) until it mixed homogeneously, then pellet the ingredient for small ellipse shape (1 inch long)

5. Make the syrup by mix brown sugar and fresh water, then boil it up and stir it until it becomes sticky, switch off the stove

6. Soak the pellet mung beans(4) in split egg yolk one by one, then put it in prepared syrup(5) in the brazen pan when get the pellet mung beans in the pan moderately, then boil it up at once with low heat.(try not to put each of pellet stick together), repeat this until the pellet mung beans is finished.

7. Serve it as you like (time for enjoyment and happiness)

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