Tako (Thai Pudding with Coconut topping)

A Thai Pudding with Coconut topping, This dessert is on top of my favourite. I really like it because you don't need to chew or grind on it. The coconut topping is very scented and making you want to eat it continuously when the first is going to your mouth.


Pudding Part
1. 1 cup Mung Bean Flour
2. 3 cups Jasmine Water
3. 2 cups Brown Sugar
4. 2 cups Pandanus Leaf Water
5. 1/2 cup Water Chestnuts (Cook and Dice for small pieces)
6. Round or Square baking pan by banana leaves

Topping Part
1. 1/2 cup Rice Flour
2. 2 cups Coconut Milk
3. 1 teaspoon Salt


1. Prepare the pudding part by mix mung bean flour, jasmine water, brown sugar, pandanus leaf water in the pot and boil it up with medium heat, stir until it cooked and become thicken.

2. After that put water chestnuts in the pot, stir it for awhile then switch off the stove, fill blank baking pan with the prepared pudding part(2) by half of the baking pan.

3. Prepare the topping part by mix rice flour, coconut milk, salt in the small pot and boil it up with medium heat, stir it until it mixed and become thicken.

4. Fill the half-cooked pudding part(2) with the topping part(3) in the baking pan until the baking pan is full, wait until it cools down then serve as you wish

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