Moji Nakhonsawan

Moji (Thai Style) This is my favorite dessert of all time. I should say this Moji is different from Moji (Japan Style). A Moji from Japan made of rice but Moji (Thai Style) made of flour and sweetened condensed milk.

And the taste is different too Moji (Thai Style) will be more delicate, soft and mellow than Moji (Japan Style) Moji (Thai Style) is very popular as a souvenir from Nakhonsawan. My friend always buy it for me at all time when she goes back home.

Moji (Japan Style) called in other name's Daifuku. It will be more sticky and sweet than Moji (Thai Style) and the way they prepare is harder than Moji (Thai Style). If I found how to cook I will post for you later.

I want to eat it ............... Yum Yum...

Moji (Japan Style)                               Moji (Thai Style)

Moji Nakhonsawan


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